2016 Award Recipients

Award nomination period is open until November 15th. Click here to submit a nomination.

Ben E. Lewis Award:

  • Julie Franklin

Administrative President’s Appreciation Awards:

  • Devan Jensen
  • Christine Holliman
  • Colleen Tingey
  • Chad Feilbach

Fred A. Schwendiman Performance Award:

  • Richard Piccolo

Staff President’s Appreciation Awards:

  • Margaret McCabe
  • Bart Whitehead
  • Karen Cottle
  • Ellen Page

Putting your Ideas to Work

One of the council's purposes is to research important issues within our university community and to recommend possible change to the administration. As part of the Ideas program, questions and suggestions are solicited from the campus community's full-time employees. Although the AAC does not have the power to directly implement change, previous council efforts have been instrumental in initiating many improvements. Some of the Ideas recommended by the council that have subsequently been investigated and later implemented include: bi-weekly payroll, dental and eye care benefits, the Executive MBA program, changes in dress guidelines for women, making sick/vacation time available by the hour, and a program for donating vacation time to colleagues needing sick leave. The AAC has also given input on such campus issues as safety, grounds, communication, environment/recycling, and a traffic study.

We invite you to submit your ideas and suggestions by clicking "Submit Ideas" in the top menu. We appreciate your participation in this program and need your input.

Please outline your observation or concern as well as your recommendation for improvement, and submit it today. Thank you!